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At 3 Degrees Architects & Interiors we fundamentally believe in an architecture and design that is generated and not predetermined. We believe that as each architectural design of each brief and site is completely unique, logically so should the architectural plans and design solutions.


Having been established in 2007 and with more than 15 years experience in this field we are highly qualified and experienced architects, Interior Designers and professionals who are more than equipped to take any architectural designs of a building project and see it through from concept to completion. We offer you dynamic and futuristic ways to view your property plans and bring light to places in the design that you may feel unsure about or may need more guidance. We are well known for exceptional quality and prompt delivery of work with a personal touch. 



We strive to develop long lasting relationships with our clients and give them the very best in architectural and interior designs. As architects in South Africa, our goal at 3 Degrees Architects & Interiors is to create appropriate, innovative and sensitive buildings of quality that will improve people’s lives and exceed the expectations of clients and investors while we apply the principles of energy efficiency and environmental preservation. Our aim is to raise the bar in terms of architecture and design that is received from architects in South Africa.


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